About Us

newstyleModa hair boutique is based in a La Biosthetique Paris concept salon.

La Biosthetique epitomises hair and beauty that is inspired by nature and proven by results. Creating natural skin and hair care solutions sinceĀ  the 1950s supported with nurturing rituals and amazing results.

La Biosthetique ranges include customised scalp and hair treatments, hair loss treatments, professional colouring, aroma therapy, make up and premium skin care.

FullSizeRender (5)Our formula is the love and passion that we have for hairdressing and our determination to make every client leave the salon satisfied. This is what makes us stand out amongst others.

With a professional image and a warm welcome to everyone we aim to deliver a high standard of hairdressing and client care.

We hope you enjoy the Moda experience

Joana x